Wes Craven’s Soul To Be Taken Three Weeks Earlier


Moving away from Saw 3D, trailer coming soon

Having just posted a look at the first poster for Wes Craven’s My Soul to Take this morning, ShockTillYouDrop has just learned that Rogue Pictures plans to release the anticipated horror movie three weeks earlier than previous planned, putting it out in 3D and 2D theaters on October 8 rather than the original plan to release it on October 29. One presumes this was decided once Lionsgate moved their own 3D horror movie Saw 3D back a week to the date originally snagged by Rogue.

We’ve also learned that the first trailer for Craven’s long-in-the-works return to the big screen will be hitting sometime in the next few weeks with it debuting in front of Piranha 3D being our best guess and/or with The Last Exorcism a week later.

Source: ShockTillYouDrop.com