Want to See Savage County? Demand It!


Film may air on MTV2

Shock was the first to tell you last November about the Texas Chainsaw Massacre-inspired Savage County. We later brought you a handful of images.

Directed by David Harris, the film follows a group of small town Texas high school kids who play a prank that accidentally kills an old man. They’re then hunted down by the man’s family of murderous hillbillies.

Things have been quiet on the Savage County front, however, we got word today that MTV is teaming up with Eventful to experiment with a social media campaign that will allow folks to vote if they want to see the indie horror film, Savage County, on MTV2.

Demand to see it here!

If they reach 100,000 demands, it will air on MTV2.

The network has been dabbling in the horror genre for a bit now having aired My Super Psycho Sweet 16 (a sequel is on the way) and shot a new Teen Wolf series.

Savage County Official Trailer from Savage County on Vimeo.

Source: Shock Till You Drop