Baboon Terror Rises in The Consequence


The Birds meets Cujo

Another chapter in the eco-horror sub-genre unfolds in The Consequence from director Amanda Evans.

Set in the Karoo desert of South Africa, the film follows Eva Haines, an American palaeontologist who has been sent on an assignment to find fossil evidence that could reveal pivotal information on global warming.

The town, Diehel is anything but welcoming as Eva and her family’s presence start to stir the dark secrets of its scarred past. Eva, a scientist torn between the passion for her work and being a mother is about to uncover a secret so profound it shakes the very foundations of science and evolution. A new strain of intelligence has emerged, genetically unrelated to humans and savage in its fight for dominance.

Eva and her family are caught in a primal battle of natural selection in a town whose hands are soaked in blood.

Production and sales outfit Intandem describes the pictures as The Birds meets Cujo as it poses a threat in the Chacma Baboon, a “never-before-seen antagonist.” So, now we know what Eva is up against.

We’ll keep you posted if the film progresses beyond the “in development” stage.

Source: Shock Till You Drop