Move in on the Cherry Tree Lane Trailer


Playing at this year’s Frightfest

A fan of The Cottage? Well, writer-director Paul Andrew Williams is back with Cherry Tree Lane, a violent lil’ ditty playing at the Film4 Frightfest this year.

The film plays on Saturday, August 28 and you can now watch a trailer via Empire. Shock will be on the Frightfest scene this year, so stay tuned for reviews!

From the Frightfest catalog: CHERRY TREE LANE was Mary Poppins’ address, but there’s nothing remotely Disney in this cautionary tale for our times from Paul Andrew Williams, director of the critically acclaimed LONDON TO BRIGHTON and THE COTTAGE. Christine and Mike are an ordinary middle-class couple living in what could be any house on any street. It’s an average evening as they prepare dinner, open a bottle of wine and bicker waiting for their teenage son, Sebastian, to come home from football. The doorbell rings. And the family’s nightmare begins. For Sebastian has done something very bad and the feral intruders intend to exact on him the worst revenge imaginable to a parent. But in the sincere belief they hold the moral high ground, they see it as only the right thing to do. Tense, harrowing and disturbing, CHERRY TREE LANE is one address worth visiting if your nerves can stand it.


Source: Empire