Update: Colm McCarthy’s Creature Flick Outcast


Poster and trailer revealed

Updated with poster art!

On Friday, August 27, Frightfest UK audiences will see Outcast from director Colm McCarthy. A trailer went live today for the Irish production. You’ll find it just beyond the Frightfest synopsis:

A gripping, intimate, shockingly visceral portrait of the sidhe – Celtic fairy people – whose wild magic is steeped in blood, pain and ritual and director Colm McCarthy captures it all in his monster movie, murder mystery and Polanski-style tale of strange emotional ties. A female member of a nomadic tribe harbors a secret shame that forces her into housing estate exile with her young son. There she hones her skills in a dark, ancient breed of enchantment. Meanwhile a mysterious stranger charges himself with finding the disgraced woman and combing the secrets she is hiding. Using sinister powers too, he will stop at nothing to find her. The plot thickens when young people in the same housing project as our wayward family start turning up mutilated. Will the mother be able to protect her son? Will the menacing hunter conquer his prey? An unusual horror mash-up that’s equal parts intelligent, engaging, and unexpectedly creepy.

Watch the video here!

Source: Empire, Digital Spy