Saturday School Goes to Hell in Throwing Stones


New horror web series shooting in Texas

Writer-producer Bart Van Bemmel dropped Shock Till You Drop a line today to fill us in on the upcoming horror series Throwing Stones.

Lindsay Seidel (The Final), Cherami Leigh, Rebekah Kennedy, Kayla Carlyle and Chad Cox star.

“Throwing Stones takes place at Saturday School,” explains Van Bemmel. “No other horror has capitalized on this school setting like this or the deaths that take place. We are very excited about this project. We are shooting for a release date at the end of this year – in which we are aiming for several media outlets including comic-cons, horror fests, etc. We are shooting season one with the hopes of the audience demanding season two or the feature version which this web series is based on. Not only does each web episode leave you hanging and on the edge of your seat, but so will season one.”

Shooting is now taking place in Dallas, Texas. You can keep track of the series’ production by following this blog.

Source: Shock Till You Drop