If Dexter Was a Tattoo Artist?


New thriller shooting with Peter Mayhew

Director Lewis Leslie is constructing some Killer Ink for the screen in Colorado.

That’s the title of his horror film starring Christopher Romero and Peter Mayhew, best known for playing that hirsute gunslinger named Chewbacca in Star Wars.

The production is being overseen by Under Fire Studios and is described as Dexter meets American Psycho. And I think that’s an apt description based on his synopsis.

Gage (Romero) runs his own tattoo shop in a small town. He’s also a serial killer and keeps to himself to protect his dark secret. Gage struggles to find meaning in life and finds his only pleasure is murder. But when someone he actually cares about comes up missing, it’s up to him to find her and put an end to whoever or whatever has taken her. He suspects the missing girl’s boyfriend, but nothing is certain as his father returns to his life after many years of absence. Gage struggles to balance a romantic relationship and his serial killer lifestyle. Should he give it up, give her up or let her in on his little secret?

The film also stars Valeri Kimbro, Lewis James, Ryan Martin and Kristin Kirkconnell Keating. Stay tuned for more as it comes in!

Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor