Exclusive SDCC Video: Talkin’ with Troy Nixey


Director of Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

Troy Nixey could have done a lot worse for his first feature film Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark than to have a producer like Guillermo del Toro. The remake of the dark ’70s horror-thriller is right up del Toro’s alley, having many elements in common with his previous work, which may be why Nixey’s hard work making the movie might get overshadowed by del Toro’s rather large presence. Because of this, we felt it was only fair that ShockTillYouDrop.com sat down with Nixey at Comic-Con to find out how he got involved in such a high-profile horror remake.

So far, Nixey is best known for his comic book work in “Trout” and “Jenny Finn” (for del Toro collaborator Mike Mignola), and he’s brought that visual style to this story about a family who moves into an old house only to discover it already has inhabitants, deadly creatures who come up from the bowels of hell through the dustbin to take away any kids.

You can watch the exclusive video interview with Troy Nixey below.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark opens on January 21, 2011. Check out our interview with del Toro here and our description of the Comic-Con panel here.

Source: Edward Douglas