Zero Dark Thirty Project Resurrected


Grace helmer on Deathdream remake?

In Fangoria’s exhaustive history of the Deathdream remake called Zero Dark Thirty, spearheaded by writer-producer Stephen Susco, it is revealed that Grace director Paul Solet is now attached to direct.

Susco tells the site, “We reached out to Paul, and it turned out he’s a huge fan of Bob Clark and Deathdream. So now Paul is our director, and he has revised my script and done an absolutely brilliant job—he took a few things that I thought were strengths and revealed that they were in fact weaknesses, and made it even better. If things work out, we might be shooting by the end of the year.”

Solet, sources tell us, is looking at a number of projects he has on the table. There’s no official word yet if Zero Dark Thirty is next.

The original Deathdream was released in 1974, under the direction of Black Christmas‘ Bob Clark, and told of a Vietnam soldier, supposedly killed in battle, who returns home as one of the undead.

Source: Fangoria