Renewed Dimension Still Promises Hellraiser, Halloween


Remakes, sequels in the future

It has been no secret that Dimension Films is aiming to remake Hellraiser and deliver another Halloween film, since Rob Zombie rebooted that franchise.

Now, if the Hollywood Reporter offered much more on the status of either production – that would be news. But today, in an article about the Weinstein brothers, they just confirmed that plans for both franchises are still in development.

Another Children of the Corn is in the works – since that 2009 SyFy remake didn’t exactly hit it big – as well as another Scary Movie.

Where is Hellraiser at right now? Dimension has apparently been out to a number of writers, fielding various treatments from Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton, Christian E. Christiansen, Cory Goodman, Josh Stolberg and Petergoldfinger and others.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter