Cillian Murphy, Newton to Star in The Retreat


An island wiped out by a virus

Fresh off his appearance in Christopher Nolan’s Inception, Cillian Murphy (28 Days Later) is set to star in the British thriller The Retreat opposite Thandie Newton.

Shooting in Wales in September.

Sony Pictures has already claimed the UK distribution rights to the movie about a married couple who rent a cottage on a remote island to fix their marriage, plans cut short when a soldier wearing a biohazard suit washes up on the beach claiming that everyone on the mainland has been killed by a virus.

Written by planned first-time director Carl Tibbets, an editor who worked on films like Alien vs. Predator, the high concept thriller is being described as a cross between Knife in the Water and Dead Calm. It’s produced by Gary Sinyor of Magnet Films exec. produced by famed talk show host David Frost.

Source: Deadline