EXCL: True Blood, Melrose Place Vets Lead the Growl Pack

Starring Katee Sackhoff

Two more casting updates from the set of Growl, writer-director Sxv’Leithan Essex’s forthcoming film that’s now shooting in the Los Angeles area.

Victor Webster (Melrose Place) and Dawn Olivieri (True Blood, Heroes, pictured) are set to star as the alpha male and female, respectively, of the werewolf pack featured in the film.

The story follows a traveling underground fight club called “The Brawlers” who arrive at a derelict ghost town tucked away in the Colorado Rockies. They meet the town’s only residents, the Maxilla family who want to buy on to the fight card. But the Maxilla family’s true intentions for the Brawler crew are soon revealed in teeth and claws.

Webster will be playing Dallas, leader of the werewolf pack, who gives the Brawlers a run for their money.

Essex says, “We knew for Dallas, we needed someone with great acting skills and above all…a strong presence. When we did some initial fight choreo for the fight scene with Josh Kelly and Paul Bean who play our lead Brawlers and the stunt fighters, we were all joking around. Then Victor came in and became Dallas and the room got quiet as this dark fight between Josh and Victor came together. It was great to watch a room full of alpha males get all quiet. People have seen Victor in a lot of different roles but nothing like this.”

Finding Dawn was actually one of Victor’s calls. “I sent the script to Victor and when he read it, he saw Dawn instantly in the role of DeVille, the alpha female of the pack and suggested I meet with her,” Essex explains. “When I met with Dawn and Victor, the minute she sat down I knew this was DeVille. It was like grabbing a beer with two of the character’s from my script. Dawn is a fearless and potent actress. And the scenes we rehearsed were so dangerous yet she brought a grace to this inhuman creature hidden in human skin. Everyone who has seen the initial footage has been blown away. I look forward to letting them both off the leash and seeing what damage they can do to the Brawlers. Should be quite the fight.”

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Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor


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