SDCC: Exclusive Video Interviews for Drive Angry


Lussier, Fichtner & Heard!

One of the most pleasant and unexpected surprises for this Comic-Con was the reaction to the first footage for Patrick (My Bloody Valentine) Lussier’s supernatural action flick Drive Angry 3D (set visit) starring Nicolas Cage, when its first teaser screened at San Diego Comic-Con’s Hall H over the weekend. (You can read a description of the footage here or watch it here.)

In the movie, Cage plays Milton, a man whose daughter was murdered and her baby kidnapped for use in Satanic rituals, so he must find her and stop them from sacrificing the baby. Along the way, he meets a waitress named Piper, played by Amber Heard, and faces off against a mysterious man known as “The Accountant,” played by William Fichtner. All three of them get involved in all sorts of crazy car chases and stunts, and before you ask, “What does this have to do with horror?” Well, let’s just say there’s more to Cage and Fichtner’s character that meets the eye, something that delves into similar territory as Cage’s role in Ghost Rider.

After the Hall H panel, had a chance to sit down with director Patrick Lussier, William Fichtner and the lovely Amber Heard to talk about the movie, discussing everything from the crazy stunts to the decision to shoot in 3D, something that’s stressed heavily by Lussier and his cast. You can watch all three of those exclusive video interviews below:

Source: Edward Douglas