SDCC ’10: Let Me In Footage Description


The remake of Let the Right One In

Director Matt Reeves (Cloverfield) and the cast of the vampire remake Let Me In showed off a trailer and two extended scenes from the movie due in theaters this October 1.

Reeves, along with Chloe Moretz (Kick-Ass), Kodi Smit-McPhee (The Road) and Richard Jenkins, talked the San Diego Comic Con crowd through two scenes from the films – one a tender bonding moment between the kid leads and another with a Jenkins’ character and a killing gone wrong.

In setting up the first scene, Reeves talks about Kodi’s character Owen – a “brutally bullied kid” desperate for friendship when a new kid (Moretz’s Abby) moves into his building. The clip – a kind of date scene – opens at an arcade with Owen walking Abby up to a Ms Pac-Man game. He starts to play and explain the game to her. All the while, she is looking at him, obviously enjoying the evening out.

After the game, he walks her to the candy stand and grabs some Now & Laters. He asks if she wants one, but she declines. He then offers to buy her any candy she wants, but she declines again. Seeing Owen’s hurt expression, he reluctantly agrees to take a Now & Later. It make him happy when she says she likes it. Flash to outside, in a snow-covered parking lot, Abby is near the back of one of the cars coughing up the candy. Owen is nearby and concerned. She apologizes as she rises from a slumped position. He grabs onto her and hugs her. She asks him if he likes her. He says yes…a lot. Then, she asks “Would you like me if I wasn’t a girl?”

Puzzled, he steps back and says “What do you mean? I dunno. I guess. Why?”

She replies, “No reason.”

The next extended scene is one with Jenkins, who plays Abby’s caretaker, preparing to go out and get Abby some ‘food’… a scene not in the original Swedish film. Jenkins character, The Father, is in the kitchen assembling a selection of ‘tools’ to take with him. Abby enters and asks “You going out?” He replies, “Is there a choice?”

He turns away and continues to assemble his gear. Abby hugs him from behind, obviously grateful for him. He turns around and she touches his face. He puts his hand to hers. He asks her not to see Owen again. She looks down to her feet. He starts packing again and she walks out.

Flash to a gym parking lot. The Father is stalking, waiting for the right opportunity. His head covered in a plastic bag with eye-holes he winds up in the back floorboard of a car. Soon, a young man gets in the car and starts to drive off. The driver stops unexpectedly and another man gets in the passenger side…which was not part of The Father’s planning. The passenger moves the seat back and smashes The Father against the seat. The car then pulls into a gas station and the drive exits. The Father tries his best to look around for an opportunity to escape the situation. The passenger turns on the radio (Asia’s Heat of the Moment) and then lights a cigarette.

Then he turns to the back seat and sees The Father’s shoes. Found out, The Father lunges and starts throttling the passenger who is fighting back. The driven is in the gas station paying, so is unaware of the melee. The struggle continues as the driver starts to back towards the car. He is intercepted by a couple of friends who recognize him. They start talking as The Father kills the passenger. He then jumps into the driver’s seat, starts the car and starts off in reverse. The driver and friends freak and start after the car, which careens into traffic, still in reverse. Ultimately the car strikes other cars on the road and ends up crashing through a fence and tumbling down a hill.

The car is now wheels up as The Father tries to get his bearings. The driver and friends appear at the fence and start down towards the car. The Father struggles to reach his backpack and retrieves a bottle of ‘water’. He unscrews the top and pours it on his face. He starts to smoke and writhe in pain as the driver and friends approach the vehicle.

Source: Blake Wright