SDCC ’10: Plenty of Goodies in Store for Piranha 3D DVD


American High Tension coming?

Director Alex Aja assured us this afternoon that when Piranha 3D swims onto DVD and Blu-Ray, it will be a director’s cut.

“People will be more surprised of the director’s cut of the film,” he says. “Five or six minutes of extreme footage will be put back in. Piranha is a pretty expensive movie and it is not only sustaining the genre, but the audience, so we had to get rid of some of the violence and other stuff, but DVD is more open.”

He adds some bonus sexiness will be included in the package including “Wild, Wild Girls” webisodes along with a lengthy documentary on the making of the film. Also look for storyboards for some of the bigger scenes that got cut due to budget.

As for an American version of High Tension, his 2003 horror debut: “We had some offers to do it six or seven years ago. But there is only six or seven minutes of dialogue in the film. I am sure that they will remake it but I won’t be the one doing it.”

Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor, Peter Brown