SDCC ’10: Footage Description from Skyline


Strause brothers preview their big creature film

Creative team (and brothers) Greg and Colin Strause showed a new trailer and a brief clip from their independent alien film Skyline (set visit part one/part two).

The movie revolves around a pair of couples on vacation in Los Angeles when a series of large, organic crystalline aliens descend from the sky and set forth a mass abduction of the human race.

The trailer opens with a shot of downtown Los Angeles with voice-over from a weatherman beaming about “Another gorgeous day in LA.” The scene moves to a car where a couple (Eric Balfour and Scottie Thompson) is talking about their trip – they are on vacation. They meet up with friends at a place called The Cove. A poolside party is interrupted by a group of choppers flying over – Homeland Security.

After a quick flash of a night of partying and wine glasses clinking together, all goes dark and a clock in the corner reads 4:28am. A blue light starts filtering in to a hotel room. A girl remarks, “Is it morning already?”

The room starts to shake like an earthquake is hitting. A man stands near the window as the light gets brighter and brighter. Suddenly, the light, like a laser, hits the man and sucks him out through the unopened window.

The girl screams, “What is happening!?”

Balfour and Donald Faison (Scrubs) investigate the activity looking out of their window and notice people on various rooftops looking into the distance. The pair head up to their roof and Balfour brings his camera. There, he takes pictures of the blue light impact and large dust disturbances in the distance. Then, from the skies, a series of large, Transformer-sized creatures emerge from the clouds!

The screen asks: “What Will You Do…”

A montage of shots of alien interaction with humans and the humans doing what they can to avoid them.

The screen asks: “When They Come For Us?”

Balfour, Thompson, Faison and Brittany Daniel team up with the hotel concierge played by David Zayas to try and avoid the alien menace. The concierge screams: “The further we get out of the city, the better off we are.”

Several fast cut scenes of alien scouts rooting out humans, in stairwells, hallways, down alleys… Thompson screams: “They are everywhere!”

Epic shots of U.S. fighter planes engaging the aliens…and not doing well. One jet, near chopped in two falls from the sky in flames and nearly wipes out a battered Balfour and Thompson.

The trailer ends with a large scale shot of several large alien ships sucking up hundreds of human beings.

The screen says: “Don’t Look Up.”

In an expanded scene shown at San Diego Comic Con – one of the crew calls “First Contact” – Balfour, with a camera, and Faison, with a gun, are on the roof of their hotel examining the blue light/dust cloud in the distance. From an ominous cloud that hangs over the city in the distance, a series of “blue lights” appear and fall to the Earth below. As they hit, the ground starts to shake. Balfour uses his camera to zoom in on one of the impact sites. He says, “Is that what I think it is?”

He then pans to see large alien figures emerging from the clouds. He gasps, “My God.” The large ships emerge and start sucking up hundreds of people into their “bellies.” Faison screams, “Let’s go!”

They move to the rooftop stairwell door and find it locked. An alien scout, looking somewhat like a Sentinel from The Matrix, appears in the distance and make a bee line for them. They fumble with the door handle, then Faison pulls the gun and tries to shoot it open to no avail. The alien is right behind them now and the light it emits causes the skin on the duo to become discolored and vein-y.

Suddenly, Thompson opens the door from the other side and gets hit with the alien’s beam…her face starts to discolor. The guys grab her and get back into the stairwell, shutting out the alien.

Skyline opens in theaters on November 12.

Source: Blake Wright