SDCC ’10: Footage from Drive Angry Seen!


A whole lotta bad-ass on display

This morning, Shock Till You Drop sat in on Summit Entertainment’s preview of Drive Angry (set visit). Director Patrick Lussier (My Bloody Valentine) unveiled exclusive new footage from his upcoming action/supernatural thriller to attendees.

Drive Angry, which was shot in 3D, tells the story of Milton (Nic Cage), a mysterious man who has escaped from Hell to avenge the death of his daughter and retrieve her kidnapped baby.

The footage opened with a ’69 Dodge Charger screaming down the road. Cage confronts an unidentified man and asks, “Where is she?”

The man replies, “It’s too late. The first full moon and she’s dead and Hell’s going to walk the Earth!”

Cage replies: “Hell is already walking the Earth.”

The screen flashes: He broke out of Hell

The scene switches to various car chase and explosions as a voice over explains that they killed his daughter and took her baby. An unseen character says, “This child will open the door to a new world order.”

Enter Bill Fichtner’s character who tells a man that he is looking for someone – 6’1″, driving a Charger. The man asks, “Who are you?”

Bill replies: “I’m the Accountant.”

The puzzled man asks, “Is that suppose to mean something to me?”

Bill replies: “It will if I add you to the books.”

More footage of chases and explosions…scenes introducing Amber Heard’s character Piper who teams up with Cage’s Milton on his quest. Then a confrontation between Milton and the Accountant. The Accoutant sees Milton’s gun – a revolving, multi-chambered artifact – and asks, “How did you get out with the Godkiller?”

Milton: “I just walked in and took it.”

Piper asks, “What kind of gun is that?”

Milton says, “The kind you use on guys like that.”

An unnamed villain tells Piper that he will, “kill her and defile her corpse.”

The end scene was a car going off of a bridge backwards and crashing into the ground and erupting into a ball of flames. Piper and Milton move to the edge of the bridge and look down on the wreckage…she says, “Is anyone NOT trying to kill you?”

Milton replies, “I need to reload. You drive.”

Drive Angry hits theaters in February 11, 2011.

Source: Blake Wright