SDCC ’10: Abrams Keeps Us in the Dark About Super 8


Confirms it won’t be in 3D

During today’s Comic-Con panel in which J.J. Abrams and Joss Whedon shared the stage, the former talked about Super 8, his top secret project. Here’s an excerpt from Coming Soon’s write-up of the panel:

J.J. Abrams dropped fewer hints about his upcoming collaboration with Steven Speilberg – Super 8. According to Abrams, the film begins shooting in September and will not be 3D.

“To me, the glasses make things dim,” he said. “You adjust to it, but in the beginning it always seems less. I’m not totally onboard (with 3D).”

Abrams did not talk plot details about the movie, but he did tell the story of his first interaction with the famed director. When he was in college, Abrams and a friend were hired to repair a pair of Speilberg’s old 8mm films – Firelight and Escape to Nowhere. They repaired the movies and were paid $300.

“I pitched the ‘Super 8’ movie to him a while back,” said Abrams. “It is early to talk. The movie is in the spirit of the Amblin films he made years ago. It is personal and hyper-real.”