SDCC ’10: Details from the Dead Rising 2 Panel!


Capcom creators preview the sequel and Case Zero

Maybe they should have held the Dead Rising 2 panel at a bigger location because even before the panel began, hordes of people (not zombies) were waiting outside of the ballroom and it is standing room only.

Dead Rising 2 is the highly anticipated game from Capcom about a infestation of zombies in the Las Vegas-style city known as Fortune City and Chuck, the main character, must fend off horde after horde of zombies while accomplishing tasks and saving other people. Chuck also gets a huge array of weapons and combos that he can use to kill zombies the best way he can.

First, after some introductions we get the first look at the trailer to Dead Rising 2 and it is simply awesome showing a number of crazy weapons and just awesome combo weapons. It literally seems you can do whatever you can think of.

Where does this take place in the Dead Rising universe? Executive producer of Dead Rising 2, Keiji Inafune, says it takes place about five years after the original game and once again an infection takes place that threatens not just life in fortune city but in the world.

What’s up with Dead Rising 2: Case Zero? Inafune says originally the game was made as a demo or beta version for the public, but it became its own animal and they decided to open it up to Xbox 360 users only for 400 points. It takes place three years after the first game, then followed by a series of cases happening across the country and then five years later we see the aftermath of the outbreak happening in a Las Vegas-type city. Case Zero and DR2 both feature this new zombie repellent that was created by the government and becomes an important weapon against the zombies.

Dead Rising 2 will be the first time that a multi-player component in a DR title. It will feature Co-Op so you can play along with your friends if needed. You have friends, right? If not you can be an be an Internet tough guy and just play the competitive multiplayer aspect or the challenges that are set up and you can compare your score to others online.

At first, Inafune says, they began development of the game with a Disneyland type amusement park as the setting. But the more they went along, they decided on Las Vegas-style city that would lend itself to just as much fun and an interesting setting. Luckily, Inafune says, they chose right as Zombieland already tackled the amusement park zombie setting. I don’t know, I still think this would be great fun and they already did it with Left 4 Dead 2 – which is probably more the reason for the Vegas-type setting – so it might work for DR3.

The panel then breaks out a slew of the handmade weapons that they have been showing at the Capcom booth including acid-squirting water guns, boxing glove switchblades, machetes and boat paddles and much more. Funny stuff if you didnt get a close up look at it at the Capcom booth.

We then got a preview to Inafune’s directorial debut called Zombrex – Dead Rising Sun, a very cheap B movie that looks like hundreds of other really bad Japanese horror films over the years with terrible acting and wild faces. Hey, even Inafune called it a cheap movie with bad extras.

A guy in the audience asks if Frank West will make a return in the game? Inafune says that he is taking a break from the game for the moment, but he may make a return at some point in these games.

Source: Peter Brown