The Whole Walking Dead Writer-Director Line-Up!


Darabont spills the beans

AICN put their direct line to Frank Darabont to good use and got the man to spill the beans on who’s writing and directing the first season of AMC’s The Walking Dead, so here you go!

1) Frank Darabont

2) Michelle MacLaren (Breaking Bad, X-Files)

3) Gwyneth Horder-Payton (The Shield, BSG)

4) Johan Renck (Breaking Bad)

5) Ernest Dickerson (The Wire, Dexter)

6) Guy Ferland (The Shield, Sons of Anarchy)

The writers for the first six are:

1) Frank Darabont

2) Frank Darabont

3) Frank Darabont, Chic Eglee, Jack LoGuidice. (Chic: The Shield, Dexter. Jack: Sons of Anarchy)

4) Robert Kirkman (wrote some comics I think)

5) Glen Mazzara (The Shield, Hawthorne)

6) Adam Fierro (The Shield, Dexter, 24)

Source: AICN