Image Dabbles in Necromentia


Coming to DVD this September

Three men with seemingly different lives, all turn to the junction of occult rituals to obtain what they desire most: love. However, unbeknownst to them all, there are hefty prices to be paid when you call upon the forces of hell.

On September 14, Image Entertainment presents Necromentia, a nightmarish tale of twisted desires and shocking imagery that collide into a chilling cinematic experience. The film is directed by Pearry Teo and writer Stephanie Joyce.

Hellraiser and Saw collide in this diabolical thriller about three men whose lives become intertwined as they turn to dark magic and unthinkable tactics for the ones they love. Necromentia tells the story of Morbius, Travis and Hagan, desperate men who will do anything it takes for the ones they love, even if that means taking evil measures in an accursed Ouija boards to do so. One harbors lingering passion for his dead girlfriend, another is a professional sadist determined to save his younger brother, the final hungers for the most brutal kind of revenge possible. Yet to open the ports of hell, an ancient map of the occult must be carefully carved into one man’s flesh.

With a supporting cast featuring- Layton Matthews (Alien 51, Death Perception), Chad Grimes (No Way Out) and Santiago Craig (Gunheavy) each will learn that only hell awaits the foolish. Love won’t come easy for these men who do the unthinkable and experience the unimaginable to find what they all seek; Necromentia. This jaw-dropping thriller will leave you asking the question; How far would you go for love?

Bonus features include on Necromentia DVD include:

Feature commentary with Director Pearry Teo

Q & A with Pearry Teo and actor Chad Grimes


Source: Press Release