Update: The Walking Dead Photo: The Gang’s All Here!


An interview with director Michelle MacLaren

In an invite to Circle of Confusion, Skybound and Wired’s upcoming San Diego Comic-Con bash, invitees received this: A first look at the whole cast of The Walking Dead! Pretty goddamn spot-on, if you ask me. There’s going to be plenty of coverage of the AMC series in store. So keep your eyes fixed on Shock Till You Drop next week when Comic-Con kicks off! Click here for more details on the show!

Update: Director Michelle MacLaren, who’s helming episode 2, talked about her time in the hot seat:

Q: Your episode has a lot of elements that are not in The Walking Dead comics. Was it strange to tread new ground?

A: We always had the comic in mind. I love to shoot wide, graphic shots, so we had many moments in shooting this episode where we’d make choices because it was like a graphic novel, or it reminded us of the comic. Even though we got some in, I would have liked to have had time to shoot more long lens shots — I know Frank really likes that look — but it does take longer when you’re in certain situations, and this episode really required a lot of action. So things were a little bit more frenetic and fast-paced. [Laughs] I’m laughing because I’m thinking about some of our days, and I’m thinking, “God, that’s an understatement!”

Q: Any day in particular?

A: We were shooting on the street the other day, where we find Rick and Glenn in a rather dangerously challenging situation with walkers. We had 100 walkers, control of some downtown Atlanta city streets, and Rick and Glenn running for their lives. Both Andy [Lincoln] and Steven [Yuen] got so into it… well I don’t want to give anything away. Lets just say there are moments when you just have to pinch yourself and say, “This is so cool, I can’t believe I get to shoot this, I am in the middle of a graphic novel.”

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Source: io9