SDCC ’10: No Comic-Con for Piranha 3D?


Footage too graphic for audience

Almost every year it happens: A film doesn’t make it into Comic-Con based on its subject matter. You see, if you’re previewing a film, SDCC organizers ask you pull together a family-friendly presentation as those attending the myriad panels are all ages and there is no I.D. system for volunteers to adhere to.

That said, Piranha 3D is a victim to this. As I mentioned in a previous news item, Dimension initially had a panel planned but pulled out before the schedule was published. SDCC organizers told HitFix that the footage Dimension was bringing was too graphic for Con audiences.

This echoes what happened to director Alex Aja when his Fox film Mirrors could show its intense preview clips and was forced to do a preview to press off-site.

Where does this leave Dimension? Well, they can neuter their preview clips and trim out the juicy bits, they can bow out of the Con altogether, or prepare an off-site event. But nothing has been decided.

Naturally, something like this becomes news because it’s a higher profile film, however, as I stated above, there are a lot of films that don’t make the cut year after year due to the nature of the material.

Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor