Paramount Puts New Spin on the Hunchback


From the producer of Transformers

Can a new Hunchback project find legs in today’s Hollywood? Will audiences connect with the poor sap? Paramount’s going to find out with producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura (Transformers).

Will Block and Jake Emanuel have pitched the studio with an action/comedy scenario that is, according to Variety, “based on the framework” of Victor Hugo’s 1831 “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.”

Based on the framework. Nowhere does it say it’s a straight-up adaptation, so we’ll have to track this untitle film’s development to see what they’ve got cooking.

It is curious to see this is the second Hunchback-related project to hit the scene in a matter of a few months. Earlier this year, a spec script went out to various studios called The Hunchback by Peter Carlisle.

Since Hugo’s book, there are have been three notable adaptations – among many – of his material: The 1923 film starring Lon Chaney, the ’39 version with Charles Laughton and Disney’s 1996 animated film.

Source: Variety