EA Preps Dead Space Ignition


Prequel, games and exclusive Isaac suit

Before unleashing Dead Space 2 on our nerves, still skittish after playing Dead Space, in January 2011, EA will release a downloadable companion piece that serves as both a prequel story and a series of mini-games that, if defeated, will offer up something exclusive.

Dead Space Ignition is being prepped for the Playstation 3 and XBox and presents an “interactive comic-style story” that reveals how the most recent Necromorph outbreak occurs in Dead Space 2.

Players are thrown onto the Sprawl and are forced to survive the initial Necromorph outbreak through three challenges.

According to a press release, Dead Space Ignition also features a “Choose Your Own Adventure” type narrative. Four unique endings are in store, and with the completion of each narrative, players are rewarded with unlocks including an exclusive suit for Isaac Clarke in Dead Space 2.

Source: IGN