Experiment Remake Goes Direct to DVD


Starring Adrian Brody and Forest Whitaker

Let me get this straight. A remake of Das Experiment is made to perhaps capture an American audience who might have missed the 2001 release of Oliver Hirschbiegel’s original film, or, saw it on the DVD shelf but were turned off by the reading of subtitles (I know…words are scary).

Said remake stars Adrian Brody, Forest Whitaker and Cam Gigandet and is directed by Prison Break‘s Paul T. Scheuring. But then it eschews a theatrical run and winds up going direct to DVD. So much for capturing perhaps a wider audience. Still, I’m sure it’ll find some attention on the shelf at Blockbuster or where ever it winds up.

Much like Das Experiment, The Experiment is coming to DVD from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment on September 21. Stay tuned for cover art.

In the film, 26 men are chosen to act the roles of guards and prisoners in a psychological study. Values are tested and lines are crossed when seemingly normal participants are pushed to the breaking point as the experiment spirals out of control..

Source: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment