Michael Biehn Toplines The Victim


The psycho thriller with Danielle Harris

Brock Morse is in pre-production on The Victim. Shooting is expected to begin in the Los Angeles area this August.

Michael Biehn, Ryan Honey, Jennifer Blanc, Danielle Harris and Denny Kirkwood star

Blanc will play Annie, a girl whose life is in jeopardy after she’s witnessed the horrific rape and murder of her closest friend. Fleeing from two attackers (Honey, Kirkwood) she stumbles across Kyle (Biehn), a recluse living in the middle of the woods. Kyle finds the stillness of the woods comforting. The ruggedly handsome loner stays far from civilization – that is – until a single knock on his door throws his solitary life into chaos.

Morse previously helmed the 2003 fantasy flick Westender.

Source: Shock Till You Drop