Indie Watch: Grave’s Keaton Joins Turcica


Updated with the trailer

Toetag Inc. has cast star Camille Keaton (I Spit on Your Grave), Damien A. Maruscak (Maskhead) and Jade Risser (Murder, Set, Pieces) for the independent film Sella Turcica.

Fred Vogel begins shooting this July and is aiming to have the film ready for this fall. You’ll find the synopsis below:

Sgt. Bradley Robak (Damien A. Maruscak) returns home from active duty after a mysterious accident leaves him paralyzed and wheelchair bound. Awaiting his return, his mother, Karmen (Camille Keaton) and younger sister, Ashley (Jade Risser) remain unaware of the details of the accident and severity of Brad’s condition. Once he arrives, though he looks sickly, his family members are so pleased to see him alive that they don’t bring attention to his ill appearance. Over the next twenty-six hours Brad’s condition terribly worsens, barreling down to a gruesome conclusion that will change the family forever.

Source: Shock Till You Drop