Fright Night Rated R? Not So Fast…


The new Evil Ed speaks out for the first time

It’s going against everything we’ve heard, but Christopher Mintz-Plasse seems to be confident that the Fright Night remake will be rated R, like the 1985 original.

“”It’s totally a cheesy, campy 80’s movie,” the actor, playing Evil Ed, told the Chicago Tribune, describing his thoughts on the Tom Holland film, “and I loved it. They’re trying to keep (the remake) very similar but give a different take on the cast. It’ll be in 3D, so it’s a little more Hollywood. And they’re keeping it rated R, which is good.”

Sources have been telling us, since we received the script for the redo, that this puppy, directed by Craig Gillespie, is going to be PG-13. Who to believe? Actors have nothing to do with the outcome of a film’s rating in the end. And Mintz-Plasse is likely hearing talk of an R from Gillespie, but who really knows until the damn film hits.

So, is it silly to talk about the rating of a film that doesn’t come out until October 7, 2011? Yes. Is it worth getting upset over now if it really is PG-13? Not really. Let’s worry about how the film turns out first…

Source: Chicago Tribune