Teaser Poster for Halloween Spin-Off


The Hacksaw Murders

If you’re wondering what the hell anything called Last Supper: The Russelville Hacksaw Murders has to do with John Carpenter’s original Halloween, bust out that nerd cap and do some serious thinking. Hint: Remember that scene in Halloween when Dr. Loomis visits Judith Myers’ grave and is told a story, by the groundskeeper about Charlie Bowles?

Well, Bowles’ murder spree is the crutch of Last Supper, an indie film written and directed by William Sanders that hopefully brings more to the table than the fan film wanking we see on You Tube.

“In my research for this script and film, I have found that Charlie Bowles was a real man from John Carpenter’s past,” says Sanders. “Rumor has it that he lives in Russellville, KY, near Bowling Green and was a theater owner at the theater that Carpenter used to see films at. Stories actually are told as Carpenter would sneak in to Bowles’ Cinema to see films such as Psycho one of the inspirations for Halloween. I am a showman by trade so this piece will not be only a testament for my love of Horror but also cinema and showmen alike.”

Here’s a look at the teaser poster. Shooting begins later this year.

Source: ThinkMcFlyThink.com