Michigan Kicks Woman to the Curb


Denies sequel a place to shoot

Michigan to Andrew van den Houten’s production outfit Moderncine: No way are you bringing cannibals back to our state.

Van Den Houten was preparing to shoot The Woman, his sequel to Offspring, at the start of August with Lucky McKee (May) in the director’s chair. The production would return to Muskegon, Michigan where the first film, based on a novel by Jack Ketchum, was shot. Michigan officials, however, have denied Van Den Houten the tax credits he had filed for.

The Woman is now being forced to shoot in Massachusetts.

Van Den Houten says Michigan’s reasons for rejecting the sequel mostly have to do with the content. As you know, Offspring followed a cannibal clan who feasted on an unsuspecting group of friends. The sequel concerns the remaining member of the feral family. Michigan officials talking to MLive says there were other considerations that led to the denial of Van Den Houten’s tax credit, but the filmmaker appears to remain firm in his belief that it had to do with the film’s subject matter.

Source: MLive