Trailer, Exclusive Pic from Bitter Feast


Premiering at the L.A. Film Festival

Hey, foodies, here’s a horror flick for you. This Friday, Joe Maggio’s Bitter Feast makes its premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

James LeGros stars as Peter Grey, an overzealous television chef. When notoriously snarky food blogger J.T. Franks writes a particularly nasty review of Grey’s food, it pushes the temperamental chef over the edge. He kidnaps the writer and keeps him chained up in a basement, where he presents him with a serious of deceptively simple food challenges – from preparing a perfect egg over easy to grilling a steak precisely medium rare – then punishes him sadistically for anything less than perfection.

Larry Fessenden shepherded this nasty morsel into production. Here’s a trailer and an exclusive pic!

Source: Shock Till You Drop