The Death Bell Rings Again


First details on the sequel

A sequel to 2009’s Death Bell is currently in production with director Sun-dong Yoon this time causing more trouble in the school halls. Here’s the synopsis:

Find the answer to survive! The killing game begins again.

Se-hee is haunted by her step sister Tae-yeon who used to be a promising swimmer but suddenly killed herself in a swimming pool two years ago. During the summer vacation, she joins the study camp at school for upcoming college entrance exam. On the first night, the succession of cruel killings occurs whenever the students fail to answer the given questions in time. Meanwhile, the hidden truth behind Tae-yeon’s suicide is slowly revealed and terrified students struggle to undo the puzzle before they become the next victim.

The first Death Bell was acquired for an American release last October by IFC Films. You can watch a trailer here.

Source: Shock Till You Drop