Update: Guillermo Del Toro’s Van Helsing?


Guillermo comments on the project

Update: Del Toro offered a statement to Latino Review about the project. He says, “On the record. There is no deal set.”

With the bittersweet decision to leave the The Hobbit behind him, Guillermo Del Toro is now surveying the landscape of potential projects.

And, man, there are a ton to choose from, from Frankenstein to The Witches to At the Mountains of Madness (a film I have a feeling I’ll finally see come to fruition when I’m 50 years old).

Pajiba has thrown another film in the mix: Van Helsing. Yes, according to that site, Del Toro apparently has a treatment for an action-horror film surrounding the vampire killer. But it has no connection to Stephen Sommers’ Frankenstein fart of a film starring Hugh Jackman.

I figured Universal was still licking the wounds left on their classic monster brand after the box office performance of The Wolfman, but hey, good monsters keep on comin’ back, right? If Del Toro is indeed flirting with a Van Helsing project, I’m all ears.

If you recall, there was talks of a Van Helsing solo film after the release of Bram Stoker’s Dracula in the ’90s.

Source: Pajiba