Stephenson Talks Best Worst Movie DVD Plans


Documentary could be packaged with…

Coming off of a publicity tour for his documentary about the legacy of Troll 2, Best Worst Movie (seriously, see it), director Michael Paul Stephenson filled us in this morning on what we could expect when the DVD rolls around.

“We will, hopefully, in the next month announce who we are working with on the DVD,” he said. “We’re working on pairing the two films together [Best Worst Movie and Troll 2]. I can’t confirm it yet, but it’s looking good. It’s been a process, but we’re working on it. What we’re shooting for is a late October release for Halloween, but more importantly, we found out October is National Vegetarian Awareness month!”

You Troll 2 lovers will obviously get the “vegetarian” angle. MGM previously released Troll 2 when it was packaged with Troll in 2003. Here’s where you can find Best Worst Movie in the next two months:

July 2 – Washington D.C., Landmark E Street Cinema

July 16 – St. Louis, Landmark Tivoli

July 23 – Atlanta, Landmark Midtown Art Cinema

Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor