More Details Revealed About the Fright Night Remake


And what have we learned about Peter Vincent?

In a Variety article today, writer Marti Noxon (Mad Men) revealed that her forthcoming Fright Night remake is set in Las Vegas.

Craig Gillespie is sitting in the director’s chair, as we know, and shooting is going to begin this July with stars Anton Yelchin (in the Charley Brewster role), Colin Farrell (as Jerry Dandrige) and Toni Collette. Noxon describes her take on Dandrige as, “much more ‘Jaws’-like vampire in the Amblin tradition.”

Until now, we’ve been wondering who will be assisting Charley in his quest to destroy the vampire next door. In the early stages of development, Shock was tipped off that they might lure Chris Sarandon into the Peter Vincent role, except Sarandon would play himself…as the man who played Dandrige in Tom Holland’s Fright Night.

That can be dismissed. It’s not happening.

However, the latest we’ve heard – and the Vegas setting of the film now backs this up – is that Peter Vincent will be a “Criss Angel-type”: Tight black pants. Rock ‘n roll attitude. A showman. When we first heard this rumor, we questioned, “Why would a Criss Angel type” be in a small town in the first place?” Well, if that “small town” is Vegas…that explains everything.

Source: Variety, Ryan Turek