Indie Watch: Life is an Art Trailer


Fancy mutilation is on the menu

Jayant R. Harnam’s indie horror film Life is an Art made its debut at Cannes and now a trailer is is online. The film follows two detectives on the trail of a killer who dispenses with his victims in an “artistic” fashion. The synopsis at the official site and trailer below are a bit vague – and it doesn’t help that one line in the preview is being drown out by the dramatic music – but you’ll get the idea of where the film is going.

Harnam told CBS a bit of back story on the project: “I initially wrote ‘Life is an Art’ as a 10-minute short film. Through social networking I met a producer – Rik Sinkeldam. I gave Rik the script and he responded favorably. Through him, I got in touch with Paul de Vrijer, a professional screenplay writer. Paul and I completely re-wrote ‘Life is an Art’ and the film evolved into a longer narrative.

Rik read the second version of the film and was thrilled with the story. We decided to make a 2-minute teaser trailer of the script and upload it to YouTube. Through social networking, we asked our friends to participate in the film with sponsor money. They could buy credits. We received so much attention from that trailer that it was proposed we expand it into a full-length feature film. We reworked it, coming up with a whole different angle.”

Source: Official Site, CBS