Neil Jordan Talks Graveyard Book, Heart-Shaped Box


What else would he like to do?

In an extensive interview with Neil Jordan (Interview with the Vampire), the director touches on a number of genre projects he has been attached to over the years.

On his adaptation of Joe Hill’s “Heart-Shaped Box”: “I did a script. It’s got nothing to do with Nirvana, but it quotes the song, and a lot of heavy metal songs in it too. But I’ve written so many films over the years that haven’t been made. I kind of just want to make the ones that I’ve already written. I did a version of “The Odyssey” called “The Return,” with an English producer, and that one I didn’t make. I did a version of “The Collector” – you know that William Wyler movie with Terence Stamp? That I haven’t made. Maybe I should get around to making them.

Returning to Neil Gaiman’s “The Graveyard Book”: “It’s a rather wonderful conception, all these ghosts are terrified of one human being, and normally, it’s the total opposite, so we’ll be running through the graveyard and all the ghosts will be in a panic, like the forest animals in “Bambi.” I think it’s quite cool, ghosts terrified by a human being. So we’re starting to build in sequences like that.”

“The Graveyard Book” is in production at 1492 Pictures and CJ Entertainment. There’s more with Jordan here where he reveals he’d like to do another film involving a mythological creature.

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