Trinity’s Presence Felt in Dexter Season 5


Also, Stiles officially locked

I love where this is going. You thought Dexter season four saw the last of the “Trinity” arc? Think again.

EW caught up to executive producer Sara Colleton who says Trinity’s family is, “very much alive. And they will surely be telling the FBI about this guy named Kyle Butler who just came into their life and was there at odd times of the day.”

Trinity, for those of you out of the loop, was Dexter’s main rival – played masterfully by John Lithgow – last season.

The producers also hinted that season five will present no “big bad” for Dexter to take on, however, “the forces that Dexter’s going to be dealing with” will be switched up some, says showrunner Chip Johannessen. EW also confirmed that Julia Stiles will indeed join the cast and that her deal was locked up this week.

Source: EW