Photos, Trailer & Synopsis for Jarring


This serial killer is cell phone savvy

Writer-director Ivo Raza’s Jarring is set to make its premiere at the Seattle True Independent Film Festival on Friday, June 11 at 7pm and we have a synopsis and some pics to share in anticipation of this debut.

Four friends who discover a phone number with bizarre voice messages which turn out to be recorded by a serial killer.

After calling the number for their daily dose of perverted poetry, the two young females, Ariana and Randi, disappear. This prompts the two protagonists, Theo and Sean, into a search for their missing friends.

Their quest leads them outside their comfort zone of lavish Miami living and into the dark world of after-hours Homestead, a sleepy, rural community in Florida’s Deep South, they encounter strange new locales and individuals while being terrorized by a series of phone calls, text messages and riddles.

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Source: Shock Till You Drop