A Look at the Killer from Bloody Bible Camp


Who’s behind the mask?

A word from Tim Sullivan (2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams) who reports in from the set of Bloody Bloody Bible Camp and provides us a first look at the slasher film now shooting outside of Los Angeles.

“Just got back from Lake Arrowhead where I fulfilled my lifelong ambition of playing a slasher – though it wasn’t exactly as I expected! Yup, I played the killer transvestite nun “Sister Mary Chopper” in Vito Tribuco’s horror comedy BLOODY BLOODY BIBLE CAMP, which Vito wrote with his partner Shelby McIntyre. Infused with the same splatstick soul as FIELD OF SCREAMS, I knew I had to get involved the minute producers Reggie and Gigi Bannister rang me up and asked me to hop on board. Did I mention Reggie plays a priest with whom I do battle? Oh, yeah. And Ron Jeremy plays Jesus. It’s a total knock-out gore/comedy/boob fest that doesn’t just cross the line- it gleefully leaps over it! Made by horror fans for horror fans, BLOODY BLOODY BIBLE CAMP tells the story of a group of horny bible campers led by the equally horny Father Cummings (played by Reggie) who are picked off one by one by Sister Mary Chopper… that would be me. In a flashback, we learn that the good sister was actually once an altar boy who was told by evil nun Gigi Bannister he was meant to be a woman. Dublin newcomer Peter Wafer plays me in as my young self in a frightening flashback. Peter so completely knocked everyone’s socks off with his performance, I have now cast him in the leading role of seductive teen vampire Luke in my upcoming BROTHERS OF THE BLOOD. Gotta say, running around the mountains in a sweltering nun’s habit, devil’s mask and falsies can certainly wear one down, but I promise I will be well rested for those interested in checking out BEHIND THE SCREAMS, the FIELD OF SCREAMS “making of” documentary which I will be showing along with Bill Moseley, Lin Shaye, Kevin “Ogre” Ogilvie, Christa Campbell, Adam Robitel and Ryan Fleming at 3 PM this Sunday, the 23rd, at the Weekend of Horrors here in LA at the LAX MARRIOTT. Come and say hello – just don’t ask about my cup size!”

Pictured: Tim Sullivan as Sister Mary Chopper with co-star Peter Wafer.

Source: Shock Till You Drop

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