Fringe Writer Pens Spring Break Zombie Cruise 3D


We’ve got the plot details!

In an article focusing on Hollywood’s 3D craze, the L.A. Times reports that Matt Pitts has penned Spring Break Zombie Cruise, a new horror film aimed for, of course, 3D.

Pitts credit includes one episode of Fringe. He’s also J.J. Abrams assistant.

Here’s a log-line we’ve scored: A virus from a top secret government island has accidentally infected a spring break cruise ship in the middle of the ocean. With most of the partying students turned into zombies, it’s up to a soldier and a group of co-eds to contain the virus before it reaches land — and before they are eaten.

No word yet on what studio is going to land the script. We’ll keep you posted.

Source: L.A. Times