Williamson: No Randy for Scream 4


What’s the future for parts 5 and 6?

Kevin Williamson is debunking rumors that Jamie Kennedy is reprising his role as Randy in the upcoming Scream 4.

“We’re not that movie,” he tells FearNET. “We’re not that universe where you can bring people back from the dead. That would be just a cheat. It’s such a disservice. Everyone’s like, “When’s Randy coming back?” I’m like, “You know what? I would love nothing more than to have Jamie Kennedy in the film. However to have Randy in the film, it sort of just takes it… I mean Scream 2 was a lie, you know? It’s a false move. So I just won’t do it. I can’t do that. I just won’t do it.”

He adds that while he’s got a part 5 and 6 in mind, those sequels coming to fruition depend on part 4’s performance at the box office (naturally). Furthermore, part 4 could stand alone as a film. Williamson says, “4 is its own movie. It has a beginning, a middle and its own ending, which will be satisfying hopefully.”

Source: FearNET