What Are Darabont’s Plans for The Walking Dead?


Shooting begins this June

The folks at FearNET had the good fortune to catch up to writer-director Frank Darabont, who is fresh off of location scouting in Atlanta, Georgia for The Walking Dead.

Darabont says his series, set to debut this fall on AMC, is “going to be a very different animal” than some of the zombie fare we’ve seen on the screen that has taken a tongue in cheek approach to the genre.

“Robert Kirkman’s comic book series, the graphic novel series, is very much a template for us, and it’s a tremendous opportunity to take the subject as serious as possible, and really as a long-term exploration of characters, which is what television does best when television is really working. That’s our goal, so gosh, I really don’t think that Zombieland is any competition for us nor are we for them,” he tells the site.

“It’s really going to be I think two different animals. We’re much more beholden to Kirkman, which is a comfortable place to be because he has blazed a fantastic trail for us to follow. We will take detours along that path – we will take steps off the trail – but always wind up veering back onto the trail that Robert provides for us, because it’s fantastic stuff.”

Excellent news. Darabont elaborates some more on the series here, so give it a read!

Source: FearNET