X-Files Collides With 30 Days of Night


DC Comics teases cross-over

The cat’s out of the bag. At the Diamond Retail Summit, DC Comics hinted at project involving 30 Days of Night and The X-Files.

Here’s where it gets better. DC is planning to merge the two for an all-new story. Unfortunately, details are super slim. Naturally, 30 Days creator Steve Niles is involved, but an official announcement – with a few surprises – is expected soon as this mash-up is happening in comic shops this summer.

30 Days of Night had its beginnings at IDW Publishing. The X-Files, meanwhile, was explored by Topps Comics in the ’90s. DC’s imprint Wildstorm published a tie-in comic book for The X-Files: I Want to Believe in ’08.

Mulder and Scully tracking the vicious vamps of 30 Days? Count us in.

Source: Ryan Rotten, IGN