Boy Meets Girl, Demon Love Ensues in The Shriven


“You’re the head breaker!”

They’re not werewolves. They’re not vampires. They’re SHRIVEN. And when one Shriven meets another, a love affair blossoms and heads get split wide open.

I could resist running this trailer I came across for writer-director Brian Schiavo’s film The Shriven. The synopsis makes it sound like a cross of Nightbreed and Near Dark.

Ben has always been troubled by violent nightmares about himself killing other people. Now they’re getting worse and he doesn’t know why — until he meets Nina, a beautiful woman with a secret — in the dark of night she can transform into a demonic killing machine known as a Shriven. Ben, she reveals, is also a Shriven and he is destined to become her mate. However, Ben is horrified to learn that Shriven must feed on humans in order to live.

The sounds cuts out halfway through the trailer (good one), just a heads-up!

The Shriven‘s still looking for distribution.

Source: Shock Till You Drop