Indie Watch: Weed of the Living Dead


Stoners caught in Romero’s film

Stoner comedy focuses its rheumy, bloodshot eyes on George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead for Weed of the Dead, an indie film hailing from Romero’s former home state of Pennsylvania.

No surprise, the film comes to us from Evil Bong associate producer Michael Bilinski. Here, he writes, directs and stars in this story of two brothers who spend a night watching Night of the Living Dead and smoking pot tainted by an experimental hallucinogen.

The siblings wake up and find themselves surrounded they’re in the black and white world of Romero’s Living Dead and must fight zombies.

Oh, the hilarity. Curious to see how they pull this off. Bilinski hopes to have the film complete by this Halloween.

Source: Shock Till You Drop