Smith Likens Red State to Race With the Devil


Wrong place at the wrong time

Kevin Smith is gabbing a bit about Red State, a horror film he’s finally moving on. To rouse my curiosity further, the director refrains from spilling any plot details, but he does draw a comparison to one of my favorites.

“It’s very reminiscent of Race with the Devil,” Smith tells Film School Rejects. “That’s such a favorite movie of mine. When I was a kid it was just such a terrifying notion. It’s where you’re on vacation and you just happen to see some mother fuckers sacrificing a virgin, they kill your dog, and the chase you in your winnebago. There’s nothing more horrifying than that! You can keep your fucking thirty-foot shark, that’s terrifying! It’s certainly not that, but it’s very much in that spirit of people in the wrong place at the wrong time. Instead of going with devil worship we’re going the other direction. It deals with intense religious worship. It’s religious fundamentalism.”

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Source: Film School Rejects