First Stills: Reggie Bannister in Primitive


FX artist turns monstrous!

We’ve just received stills featuring Reggie Bannister in Thunderhead Entertainment’s monster movie Primitive.

In this horror tale, Martin Blaine, a Hollywood effects artist who makes monsters for a living, must confront his own inner demon made flesh before it destroys everyone he comes in contact with. Bannister plays Dr. William Stein, the hypnotist whose unorthodox therapy inadvertently conjures Martin’s Id. Dr. Stein demonstrates an internal struggle with demons of his own such as symptoms of OCD and agoraphobia. In the final act, he overcomes his fears and returns to help Martin put the genie back in the bottle.

Director Benjamin Cooper says, “Like most horror fans, Reggie’s working class hero from Phantasm is burned into my brain. Dr. Stein on the other hand is alternately quirky, intense, and ultimately heroic although he trades in his four barrel shotgun for a bag of books. I don’t think we’ve seen Reggie in a role quite like this, and he does manage to put a stamp on it that is distinctly his.

Primitive is now in post-production due out late this year for a limited theatrical release. Also starring: Matt O’Neil, Kristen Lorenz, Jeff Ryan, Gregory Paul Smith and Rachel Riley.

Source: Shock Till You Drop