A Look at Jason Mewes in Book of Pure Evil


The Canadian series heading to Space

A set report from Craig Wallace’s supernatural series Todd and the Book of Pure Evil, first reported on Shock here, showed up on the Winnipeg Free Press site with a few images, including a look at actor Jason Mewes (click on the pic for more).

Co-star Maggie Castle describes the show as “more Freaks & Geeks meets Weird Science” as it tells of a young man who strikes a deal with the devil to score the lady he loves. Wallace elaborates, “I wanted to tell a modern updating of Faust. In every episode, the book falls into a different student’s hands, but it’s still very much Todd’s story. It’s him and his friends trying to figure out who has the book and how to get the book back so they can figure out a way to destroy it.”

The series will air on Space, a network up in Canada.

Source: Winnipeg Free Press